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  • Retrieving method annotations with Spring AnnotationUtils

    The JDK provides us with several lookup methods that allow us to retrieve annotations from a class, method, field or added to method parameters. The Spring AnnotationUtils is a general utility class for annotations which extends the basic functionalities. In this post I will explain the main features of this class, focusing on retrieving annotations from a method.

  • Unit testing with PowerMock

    In this article I will implement unit testing with PowerMock library. This framework is more powerful than other libraries and allows you to mock static methods, private methods and change field properties among other things. I will use the Mockito extension but it also supports EasyMock.

    1   Installation

    If you use Maven, you can add the following...

  • Communication in Spring Webflow 2

    This article tries to complement the reference documentation with examples on variables, scopes and flows in Spring Webflow 2. It shows different ways to share data between controllers and views that form a flow. The article is divided into the following sections:

    • Setting flow variables
    • Setting attribute values
    • Using additional scopes
    • Communication with sub flows
    • Communication with other flows
    • ...