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  • Thymeleaf integration with Spring (Part 2)

    This is the second part of the Thymeleaf integration with Spring tutorial. You can read the first part here, where you will learn how to configure this project.

    As explained at the beginning of the first part of this tutorial, the web application will send two types of requests:

    • Insert a new guest: Sends a...

  • Thymeleaf integration with Spring (Part 1)

    This article is focused on how Thymeleaf can be integrated with the Spring framework. This will let our MVC web application take advantage of Thymeleaf HTML5 template engine without losing any of the Spring features. The data layer uses Spring Data to interact with a mongoDB database.

    The example consists in a Hotel’s single page web application from where we...

  • How error handling works in Spring Integration

    The target of this post is to show you how error handling works in Spring Integration, using the messaging system. You will see that error handling is different between synchronous and asynchronous messaging. As usual, I’ll skip the chat and proceed with some examples.

    You can get the source code at my Github repository

    1 The...